DOORS NOW OPEN! Join a Results Focus Group Today! 
"Get RESULTS in an Accountability Mastermind..."
Why You Should Join a Results Focus Group:

Ever Had...

An idea, project or initiative, concept, need or dream...


"Can't find the time..."
"Can't get started..."
"Can't finish it..."

You Need...

Concentrated effort & a proven process so that you can get...

Your Goals, Met. And Exceeded!

Tangible, Guarenteed Results!

Let's Jump on the Phone Together & Accomplish Something Great...

  • We'll take a deep dive into  your current projects
  • ​We'll break down what the best solutions are for you to bring those projects to completion
  • ​We'll come up with a plan and set some strategic goals to get you moving forward FAST
  • You'll walk away with your best next steps, empowered to get the guaranteed, tangible results you desire

Benefits to Members...

  • Rapidly progress a project, initiative, goal or a strategy
  • Help other members from your professional experiences
  • ​Gain personal knowledge & understanding of a process that can help your team and company grow

Listen to what people are saying...

If we haven't met name is Phillip Wilkerson
As we all start 2021, effective execution of sales plans, projects, personal development or even a dream service for the community is so important for our personal mindset and our emotional confidence. 

A "Focus Group" helped me complete my last project, The Entrepreneurial Video Vault video series at in 2020 and I want to help others get the same results.

If you're ready to go from inspiration to implementation and finally complete that project that you've been trying to finish, let's jump on the phone together and see how I can help you make that project come to life with the help of a "Focus Group".

How It Works...

  • 6 Weeks: This is an 6 week Mastermind/Accountability program
  • 90 Minutes: 90 minutes per week of concentrated effort to generate momentum for you
  • Live. On-line...or Hybrid: You can participate LIVE, on-line or we have a hybrid solution
  • ​5 People Per Group: Limited to 5 people per group for maximum effectiveness
  • Equal Time Per Person: Everyone in the group will have the same amount of time 
  • A Dedicated Facilitator: A dedicated facilitator will guide the group for collaborative interactions

Join other business owners and entrepreneurs like you...

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